Cloud computing

AWS S3 Outage Brings Out Best of Twitter

The massive service disruption of AWS Simple Storage Service’s US-EAST-1 Region last week caused plenty of issues for folks, but it also gave Twitter the opportunity to truly shine.

Reinventing RBC: Royal Bank of Canada's Bruce Ross

Bruce Ross was tasked with leading the Royal Bank of Canada’s transformation of its technology department when he was named head of technology and operations at the Toronto-based bank in January 2014.

Asia’s EDM Evolution

Eagle Investment Systems' business development head sees regulation, costs, analytics and outsourcing all affecting data management in different ways

NAFIS 2015: Panel: Opportunities, Challenges of Mobile, Cloud

Though the use of mobile devices for consuming market data and other financial information is growing, compliance with regulations and licensing contracts remains a key obstacle, according to a panel at the North American Financial Information Summit…