OTAS Launches Real-Time TCA

A view of the City of London
OTAS Technologies, associated with agency broker Olivetree Securities, has presences in London and New York.

OTAS Technologies has announced the launch of OTAS InTrade, its real-time engine for transaction cost analysis (TCA) and performance analysis.

Given that the engine performs in real time, it allows traders and portfolio managers to monitor the performance of their orders as they happen, in contrast to most TCA engines that operate overnight, or weeks after trade date.

"For years, trader performance has been measured at the end of the month by transaction cost analysis benchmarks like arrival price, volume-weighted average price and participation-weighted price," says Tom Doris, CEO at OTAS Technologies. "Now in an environment of increased regulatory scrutiny, more competition and relatively low returns on equities, real time TCA is becoming fundamental at buy-side firms to analyse the efficiency of their entire investment process."

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