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Anthony Malakian, deputy editor, BST

The BST Awards Are Coming

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Today, I am going to play the role of Paul Revere. Yesterday, my editor, Victor Anderson, who is based out of London, sounded the alarm that the Buy-Side Technology Awards would be kicking into high gear next Friday, August 5.

So, today I'm doing the same over here in the US: The BST Awards—which will culminate in London in November—are coming. (For the sake of keeping up this analogy, we are going to ignore the fact that this newsletter is sent out to readers in the UK and the rest of the world, in addition to the US.)

This will mark my first BST Awards since taking over as deputy editor, and I look forward to contributing to the judging process. As I mentioned, we will call for entries at the end of next week.

Once we open this up, all entries will need to be emailed to Victor (victor.anderson@incisivemedia.com) by September 16. In the interim, start getting your nominations in order. Please click here to see the categories and criteria.

Finally, click here to see all the videos we produced from this year's Waters Rankings awards ceremony, which took place in the Empire State Building earlier this month. Included are individuals from the DTCC, BT, Omgeo, ConvergEx, IPC, Sybase, Moody's Analytics, Liquidnet and Thomson Reuters.

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