Open Platform: What to Expect When You’re Indexing

Members of law firm Ropes & Gray's intellectual property team discuss the legal precedents behind licensing disputes, and share advice on how firms should treat datasets that might contain copyrightable IP.

Moving Forward, Looking Backward

John introduces himself as the new deputy editor for Buy-Side Technology and considers how in times of upheaval, we look for the comforts of the past.

KYC and Email: A Dangerous Mix

Anthony says that while it’s not often cited as the main reason to move away from email, when it comes to know-your-customer, cybersecurity should be near the top in a pitch meeting.

Hello Form PF, My Old Friend

Even as Form PF has largely been solved for, blending those solutions with solutions geared toward other reporting structures will continue to cause headaches.

Brexit: This Too Will Pass

On the morning of the 100th anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Somme, Victor Anderson explains what Brexit and the current political turmoil might mean to our industry's third-party technology community.

Brexit, Technology and People: A Complicated Mix

Will fintech in London falter? Will it be tougher to attract talent? Will it be more difficult to raise money? Will jobs be slashed? These are just some of the questions that have arisen post-Brexit.