Data Policies to ‘Trump’ Donald and Hillary

Unimpressed with US politics, Max lays out his own manifesto for data democratization—focusing on fees, smart content, latency and regulation—to make trading strategies great again.

Open Platform: ETF Growth Means New Tools of the Trade

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been on an evolutionary process since first debuting in the US more than 25 years ago. The ETF market has become wildly popular, but also increasingly complicated, requiring better analytics and tools to navigate its…

Getting All Hands on Deck

The path for the legal entity identifier to reach its administrator’s goal of 1.5 million registrations must be paved collaboratively with the industry that carries out the work of registering. Michael sees GLEIF, the administering foundation, as gaining…

August 2016: Telling the Difference Between Skill and Luck

The difference between skill and luck came under the spotlight after the golden period of the mid-2000's when asset managers produced-double returns. Transparency into how assets are managed is the best way to differentiate the two.

Opening Cross: School’s Out!

Simple ways to keep data professionals happy when they return from vacation to the daily grind... assuming you let them take vacation.

Diversify to Survive

John looks at how one example of an FX specialist diversifying its offering vindicates an article he wrote nine months ago.