Regulators Are Holding All the Cards, But Will They Play Them?

After years of rigorous sell-side regulations, the buy side is experiencing its turn in the spotlight as the eventual implementation of Mifid II approaches, but John thinks the European regulators need to decide on a more clearly defined position.

October 2016: Where Do Startups Go to Die?

When it comes to survival as a fintech startup, Victor says, it's all about sales. If, as the CEO of a startup, you do not spend every hour of every day focusing on sales, you and your business will fail. Period.

September 2016: Blockchain’s Limits

As summer winds down, Anthony looks ahead to an upcoming feature that will take a hard look at the benefits and pitfalls of distributed-ledger technology.

Risk and Performance Reporting Alliance

The incorporation of the risk function into performance reporting and analysis is the outcome of a series of developments triggered by market volatility and regulation.