Special report

MiFIR special report

Identifiers taking on greater importance in compliance with European MiFIR rules

Regulation special report

An Inside Reference Data special report on the effect of regulation on data operations finds an increase in the possibility of getting more data at higher quality

Regulation As Driver

David Blaszkowsky, senior vice-president at State Street, says regulatory changes have pushed data issues to the fore

The EDM/MDM Challenge

Master data management could fit together with enterprise data management to shore up the weaknesses of that approach

Measurement As Blueprint

Getting the front office more involved in data governance begins with creating value for customers

Data Process Challenges

Collecting and managing data for risk management is still rife with clashing and diverse methods and sourcing, says Virginie O’Shea, senior analyst at Aite Group

Flood of Factors

Q&A with Deloitte's Dilip Krishna about risk data aggregation