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Centralization Proving Key To Data Management

Benchmark data is becoming ripe for centralization and managed services, according to financial firms' IT and data management executives who participated...

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Data Management | 10 Nov 2014


Corporate Actions Varieties Increase

More intricate differences between types of corporate actions data are emerging, creating increasing issues for managing that data. Michael Shashoua reports on an October 29 webcast exploring these developments, as well as the role of standards in corporate...

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Corporate Actions | 10 Nov 2014


Taking Aim at AIFMD

The first Annex IV reporting deadline for Esma’s AIFMD regulation for alternative investment fund managers presents reporting challenges and implications for data quality. Joanna Wright reports on how fund administrators are handling them

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Compliance | 10 Nov 2014


Managing Data Services Reveal Benefits In Quality, Timeliness and Governance

Managed data services are driving higher-quality data, decreasing the time needed to develop data sets and making data management and governance easier, said panelists in a recent webcast sponsored by Rimes Technologies. Michael Shashoua reports

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Data Management | 10 Nov 2014


LEI Benefits Emerge As Implementation Progresses

The legal entity identifier (LEI) initiative is gaining strength with recognizable data quality benefits, greater awareness and participation, and more complete standards guidelines. Michael Shashoua reports on how all these developments are coming together...

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Regulation & Standards | 09 Oct 2014

Amy Harkins BNY Mellon

Are Firms Ready for Fatca 2.0?

Financial institutions who have prepared to comply with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca) still must ensure they are remaining flexible to deal with the Fatca-inspired automatic exchange of financial information between countries. Joanna...

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Regulation & Standards | 09 Oct 2014



Last month's second deadline under the European regulation, following a February scramble, found the industry better prepared with better command of data reporting requirements, Joanna Wright reports

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Regulation & Standards | 05 Sep 2014


Managing Data Supply Chains For Golden Copy

Shoring up the components of the data supply chain is proving key to producing golden copy data. This can mean standardization and centralization, or the careful federation and linking of operations tasks, as Michael Shashoua reports

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Data Management | 03 Sep 2014


Choosing Tools and Setting Models

Efforts to raise data quality require both coordination of data processes and resources, and clearer definition of expectations in data modeling and contracting with service providers. Michael Shashoua reports on data managers' insights about how to improve...

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Data Management | 06 Aug 2014


Facing Up to the New Regulatory World

The BCBS 239 risk data aggregation principles, CCAR and FDSF stress tests, and COREP and FINREP reporting frameworks are some of the most significant new measures developed by regulators and are having a major impact on data management, writes Nicholas...

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Regulation & Standards | 05 Aug 2014

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