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WatersTechnology is a multi-channel business intelligence platform with daily analysis and news to enable businesses to deliver better strategies with more efficiency than before.

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TMX-LSE Merger Under the Microscope

As director of global trading strategy at Instinet, Alison Crosthwait leads the agency broker's global market microstructure research, and focuses on how...

Sell-Side Technology | Feature | Exchanges | 08 Mar 2011


Non-Equities Algos on the March

If an instrument trades electronically, it's only a matter of time before it will be traded algorithmically. Their fungible nature and listed market structure have made equities prime candidates for algorithmic trading. But now Wall Street has algo aspirations...

Sell-Side Technology | Feature | Algorithmic Trading | 03 Mar 2011

SOR Heads in New Direction

As liquidity continues to fragment and buy-side firms seek easier execution of their complex trading strategies, the sell-side firms must leverage their technology investment better to assure that they achieve best execution for their clients’ orders....

Sell-Side Technology | Feature | Smart Order Routing | 18 May 2010

Divining the Future for Exchanges

With the number of multilateral trading facilities (MTFs) on the rise, can primary exchanges survive by following a "business as usual" strategy? DWT asks Ian-Patrick Lauder, Head of Trading Services at PLUS stock exchange, what exchanges must do to...

Sell-Side Technology | Feature | Exchange Data | 11 Jan 2010

Navigating the European Markets in 2010

As 2010 sets to unwind, market participants continue to face the challenges of finding liquidity and achieving best execution in a fragmented marketplace. DWT sits down with Michael Krogmann, Executive Director, Head of Sales, Xetra Market Development...

Sell-Side Technology | Feature | Best Execution | 04 Jan 2010

Weaving It All Together

If there is one misunderstood technology in the market today, it has to be complex event processing (CEP). Due to the bespoke nature of the environments in which CEP engines are deployed, it's hard to get objective performance benchmark numbers without...

Sell-Side Technology | Feature | | 23 Feb 2009

Trading Technologies Releases X_Trader 7.6

LONDON—Derivatives trading system provider Trading Technologies International (TT) plans to release version 7.6 of its trading platform X_Trader this week.

Sell-Side Technology | Feature | Exchange Data | 23 Jan 2009

BOX Weighs Possible Platform Migration

BOSTON-Keeping in line with New Year's resolutions, the Boston Options Exchange (BOX) plans to reevaluate and possibly diversify its server providers, DWT has learned.

Sell-Side Technology | Feature | Exchange Data | 07 Jan 2008

A Very Green Holiday Season

Wall Street has gone green. No, I'm not referring to the flashes of green from employees blowing their year-end bonuses, but rather the industry's growing appetite for emissions trading.

Sell-Side Technology | Feature | | 17 Dec 2007

Time to Boot the Grid?

Comments emanating from last week's CityGrid conference in London make me wonder how many quarters it will be before we see industry members simply get rid of the day-to-day management of their grids and start to outsource it.

Sell-Side Technology | Feature | | 10 Dec 2007

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